Camino Directors are all highly qualified and experienced, with decades of active service in international education, Pathway Colleges and managed campuses. They have an extensive global network, are highly respected for their industry achievements to date and are highly motivated to assist their partners achieve optimal growth in both revenue streams and student diversity and, more generally, institutional internationalisation.

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A key strength of the Camino team is in facilitation, funding, development and ongoing management of pathway Colleges and managed campuses in partnership with a limited number of University partners in key destination countries.

Our Managing Director, Dr John Wood, welcomes approaches from universities and higher education providers with a view to discussing how the Camino Global Education team can add value to their existing operations and strategic planning processes. In particular, our background and experience in the pathway space is formidable.

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Review and advisory services to organisations, in particular higher education providers that are motivated to increase academic performance, and improve student retention and satisfaction and the intake of full fee–paying international students year on year.

Our team is available on request for short-term consultancies / engagement with a special focus on all aspects of internationalisation and recruitment strategies for increasing the enrolment of a diverse cohort of international students.  For those interested, please approach either of Dr John Wood, Managing Director, or Dr John Duncan, Executive Director and Global Director, Marketing and Recruitment.