Camino Global Education is an emerging boutique education company offering services to universities and other higher education providers. Camino seeks to partner with host universities to establish highly valued and reputable university Pathway Colleges and Campuses.


Camino was founded in response to increasing demands from Universities seeking:

  • enhanced international engagement and internationalisation;

  • increased international and domestic student enrolment;

  • improved academic outcomes, retention and graduation rates;

  • alternative revenue streams to supplement core university activities; and

  • enriched experiences for all students.


Camino is led by academic and business professionals with an in-depth knowledge of pathway and managed campuses that has been gained by studying and working in numerous international higher education environments over the past thirty years.


Collectively, the Camino team has been at the forefront of the development of the pathway model and has over 200 years of relevant experience.


Camino seeks to have only a small number of university partnerships. It has a focus on delivering excellent student outcomes based on personalised, quality-driven student experiences. Priority is given to diversity of recruitment sources and a focus on excellence in academic delivery, with attendant high student satisfaction ratings. Camino will work in close cooperation with the partner university on all aspects of the operation of the Pathway College and Campuses.


Achieving progression of high-performing students from the Pathway College into university programs and their successful graduation from the university is fundamental to what we do.

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“Camino”, Spanish for 'path', has its origins in medieval times, encompassing a network of pilgrimages throughout France, Spain and Portugal. 

Today, the most well-known path, the Camino de Santiago, offers travellers challenges that might be physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and personal.  Like the journey of education, travellers experience a combination of pain, pleasure and reward, that can be life-changing.  As with education, travellers walking the Camino trail experience the sense of being part of something bigger, being part of a wider and more ancient community, and sharing a sense of tradition, adventure, purpose and accomplishment.
The scallop shell has long been the symbol synonymous with the Camino de Santiago, frequently seen along the trails on signposts. In medieval times, the shell was the right size for gathering water or eating from as a makeshift bowl. To take the shell as a metaphor, Camino seeks to provide options and pathways that facilitate and support the progression of high-performing students from a Pathway College into university programs.



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Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, Global University Partnerships


Non-Executive Director

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Executive Director and Global Director, Marketing and Recruitment


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